Welcome to the personal website of a freelance programmer, web designer, artist and RouterTech.Org Admin.

What does neolics mean? Well it's a word I've decided to coin and it loosely means "the study of new things". I'm known as Neo on the RouterTech.Org forum, so that also factors in to it.

If you wish to view any of my work portfolio, please click HERE to visit my other website.

You can find a lot of software in the software section of this website, much of it geared to networking (routers etc). There are also quite a few guides on using routers, repairing them and other network related subjects.

If you make regular use of the free software that is available from this website, please consider making a donation.

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New problems with downloads etc
30/08/2014 12:58 PM
Problem with downloads
11/07/2009 12:54 PM
Solwise 300ATA
09/08/2008 08:22 PM
Download problems
09/08/2008 08:16 PM
Picture Resizer – First Disc Mount
13/06/2008 01:46 PM
Startup Manager
17/05/2008 06:01 PM
Picture Resizer – 1.04 Beta
17/05/2008 03:15 PM
Picture Resizer 1.0.2
10/04/2008 02:23 PM
FastForward 1.2.8 – Spoof email reporting
10/04/2008 02:01 PM
Plastic Bags
28/02/2008 12:48 PM

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