guides : How to forward spam emails to PlusNet

How to forward spam emails to PlusNet

by Neo - A PDF version of this guide is available HERE

*** Fortunately, you can avoid performing the steps below manually by using the FastForward utility here: LINK ***

Update (Jan 2008): The email addresses mentioned in this guide will become obsolete once everyone is migrated to the Postini system at PlusNet - see THIS

Sometimes you may receive spam emails that the PlusNet spam filter fails to identify as spam. In order to train the PlusNet filter to correctly identify similar future emails it is necessary to send details of the spam to PlusNet. PlusNet have a special email address for this purpose: spam@despamchecker.plus.com

Any emails which contain attachments, very little text or have a blank body are useless to the PlusNet training system and are normally discarded by housekeeping team. Emails over 10K are also ignored by the team.

This guide is for Outlook Express users and shows one way of helping to reduce the spam you are receiving through PlusNet. Using the ‘Forward’ button in Outlook Express (OE) can open the spam email and possibly alert spammers that your email address is valid, so this is not the safest way of dealing with spam.

1) Open OE if you haven’t already done so.

2) Click on the offend email to highlight it from your list of emails


3) Right-click on the email and select ‘Properties’ from the drop down menu.


4) On the window that appears (Properties window), click on the ‘Details’ tab


5) Then click on the ‘Message Source’ button.


6) Right-click on the new window and click on ‘Select All’.


7) Right-click again and click on ‘Copy’.


At this point you may close the ‘Message Source’ window and the Properties window.

8) Click on the ‘Create Mail’ button.


This will open up a new email message.

9) Type in ‘spam@despamchecker.plus.com’ in to the ‘To’ box (not including the quotation marks).


10) Right-click on the message area and click on ‘Paste’.


11) Type in the subject of the original spam email. In this example, the subject is "All Investors Alert !". If you prefer, you can copy and paste the subject from the Message Source window. This step should not really be necessary, but it doesn't do any harm and some people recommend it.


12) Click on the ‘Send’ button.


NOTE: Copying and distribution of this guide or any of the contents of this guide are strictly forbidden unless explicit permission has been obtained from the author.

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