guides : class 1 repair photos

Photos to help with the USB Flash Repair - by Neo

mac address sticker
The router's MAC address can be found on a label on the circuit board.


jumper pins
This is the location of the jumper pins that need to be connected (with a jumper). The pair of pins is located towards the centre of the circuit board.


jumper pins close up
The pair of pins are positioned next to a rectangular metal block (which is a clock crystal).


jumper placed
The jumper needs to be placed on the pins like so.


Once the rm_usb.bat file has started, this message should appear on the screen.


If you don't plug the USB cable into the PC's on-board USB port (e.g. if you use a hub) you will see the following error message.


You should be prompted for the router's MAC address during the flash.
Enter the address from the label first, then enter 00-09-F3-FF-FF-FF.


During the flash process you should see the above on the screen.

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