guides : ftp files from class 1 router

How to use an FTP client to download a Class I router's firmware

In this example I will demonstrate how to use WS FTP Pro to download the files from a router. The specifics may vary depending on the FTP Client software you use, it's version and the router. You could use the FTP that comes with Windows, but a more graphical client will be more preferable to some people. You don't need to use WS_FTP, but it is one of the few FTP software clients that work reliably with the Origo/SafeCom routers.


Please don't be put off by the length of these instructions - they are very simple and I have only broken the sequence up into very small steps so that it's easier to follow.


You will need to allow LAN-side FTP access in the router's interface for this process to succeed. The setting is found here (by default). The 'FTP Server' must be enabled, but 'Disable WAN side FTP access' can be ticked (this is better for security). As with any making any other changes in the settings, make sure you submit, save and reboot after the change.


Steps 2 to 10 only need to be performed once as the settings will be saved by the software to be used again.


1) Click on the "Connect" button in WS FTP Pro



2) Click on the "Create Site" button

create site


3) The wizard will then guide you through the following screens. Firstly enter a name for the 'site'. To move to the next screen (and subsequent screens), click on 'Next'.

site name


4) Then enter the IP address of the router (usually or

site address


5) Then enter the admin user name and password for the router. You can tick 'Save Password' so that you don't have to type it in every time you connect to the router via FTP.

user details


6) Ensure that 'FTP' is the selected server type / protocol used. Also check that the default port of 21 is selected (assuming you haven't changed this in the router's settings).



7) Leave the default 'Host Type' on 'Automatic detect' and the mode on 'Passive'.



8) Leave the Firewall setting blank.



9) The new site should now appear in the window. Make sure it is highlighted, and then click on 'Edit'



10) Here you can check the main settings are correct:

host info advanced tab


11) Click 'OK' and then click on 'Connect'



12) This should display the contents of the 'root' directory of the router.

root files


13) Browse for the folder on your hard drive where you would like to save the firmware files. There is a small button which can be used for this, as shown:



14) Then 'right-click' with the mouse on the right-pane to bring up the menu. Then click on 'Select All'. This will select all the files and folders on the router.

select all


15) Next click on the download/transfer arrow. This will begin transferring files.



16) Once the transfer has finished (you will be able to tell by the log ceasing to update), you can 'Disconnect' from the router.


If it has gone according to plan, your hard drive folder will now contain all the files from your router. If you wish to upload these or make them available to others, you may wish to zip (compress) the folder before uploading it.

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