guides : class 1 via USB

Firmware upgrade - via USB + update.htm

On ASR8400, 2MB


First attempt:


Using the update.htm page to upgrade. This takes a long time to upload. When the process finished it said to wait until the router rebooted and then to refresh the browser. The router power light stayed on and the link light stayed off, but the router did not reboot. Therefore it was switched off for a few minutes and then powered up again.

image download


This firmware is very similar to the SafeCom.cn_10-07-04 firmware apart from the following:


On the Misc page there is the option to enable the command line interface (console/telnet).

command line


It says the max. number of mapped ports is 20

20 ports

snmp config


DDNS page works

ddns config


The diagnostic is in the old style


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