guides : class 1 safecom.cn_100704 via USB

Firmware upgrade - via USB + Run.bat : SafeCom.cn_10-07-04

On ASR8400, 2MB


First attempt:

404 error


FTP said there were no files on the router.

Ended up being locked out and had to use USB Flash Repair to get back to normal.



Second attempt:

smart setup

user level password

homepage error

debug error

Several errors in the TOC (left hand pane)

Was able to revert to via USB + Run.bat


Third Attempt:


This time the router was powered down immediately after the upgrade and switched off for 30 seconds


Virtual Server Configuration

virtual server config

Bridge Filtering

bridge filtering

DNS Configuration

dns config

User Level - name and password

user config

ADSL Configuration

adsl config

Misc settings page

misc settings

System Log

system log

Diagnostic Test


DDNS Configuration


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