guides : class 1 Billion via USB (Batch from Origo)

Firmware upgrade via USB + batch from to Billion

On ASR8400, 2MB

1st Attempt

This goes against the instructions provided by others including SHoNKY - just wanted to see if it was possible.

Backed up my settings using my utility. Closed all browsers, email clients etc.

In order to start with an Origo firmware had to downgrade to via batch + USB.
Left for a minute or two. Powered up and logged into with the password 'epicrouter'
Checked it was OK - seemed fine.

Ran the Billion batch install created by my DLF Manager - and switched the router off for 2 minutes.

On powering up, the IP had changed to - some pages looked incomplete, images and other pages were missing.


Gradually it got worse and worse until there was nothing left on the router (according to FTP). It seems the incompatibility
with loading a different kernel means it basically deletes itself.

error 404 - file not found



2nd Attempt

Switched the router off and on - then tried the batch install again. There was a slight improvement, but the interface wouldn't hold the pages for long...

page not found

USB Flash Repaired back to Billion - as usual with the repair, I had to reinstall the USB adapter etc:

add hardware wizard

Restoring the Billion settings on the 213 seemed OK.

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