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SafeCom 128MB Mp3 player - brief overview by Neo

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256 MB MP3 with FM Radio and Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) SMFD-256 AKA S-400

SafeCom's spec's (same as the SMFD-128 apart from the 256MB memory & dimensions)

Play MP1, MP2, MP3 and WMA songs
8 sound effect options [Graphic Equaliser modes]
Support in-phase words display [In-sync lyrics]
Loop play, A-B repeat function
USB HDD BOOT function
Recording working mode, with the longest recording time of 8 hours [filesize?]
Can be used as movable flash memory disk
Automatic shutdown, shutdown memory
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English switch (Korean, French, German, Italian, Czechish, Swedish, etc.)
Rotational connecting pin with no connecting line required
36-hour super long record and VOX
Optional FM radio reception
Single AAA cell
Built-in 256MB memory
Support song name and singer name display
10 hours of high quality voice recording
LCD display with blue colour back-light
Internal FM radio (Allow max 32 preset channels)
Plug & Play, no driver needed (except Windows 98)
Allows 12 hr of continuous operation with a single 1.5V AAA battery [take this with a pinch of salt]
Dimension: 76mm x 33mm x 15mm
Weight: 35g (Without battery)
Support OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

The Kit

Since this was a sample from the manufacturer, all that was included was the player, earphones and USB cable

The official kit

MP3 Player
3.5mm Earphone
USB Cable
AAA Battery
Utility CD
User Manual
In a stylish gift box [Normal box]

The player functions

labelled player

The USB connection

usb connector

The player has a mini USB connector at one end

headphone socket and battery compartment

The battery and earphones are inserted in the opposite end

hold and mode buttons

The HOLD and MODE buttons are found on the top side, along with the microphone


Funny English on the back, just have to quote it:

CAUTION: Please refer to manual before use. Thunping not allowed an don't put in high temperature or moisture environment.

The build quality is a little cheap & plasticy (it's so small and light) - I would want to be careful with it and avoid dropping it (since the plastic and/or glass may shatter). What would be good is a little pouch to keep it safe.

The USB cable is very important - without it you won't be able to connect the player to your PC - make sure you don't loose it.

Black earphones are OK (reasonable quality, a little tinny but only work on one side)

Nice blue backlight - it should not really come on with the HOLD function but it does, which means that the battery could be drained more quickly, even in 'HOLD' mode.

The player only requires a single AAA battery which is good (possibly uses an inverter to beef up the voltage) - a single cell means that it's light and compact and having a AAA is better than relying on a lithium coin-like watch battery, since AAAs are easier to come by and can be rechargeable.

The 3 start animations and in-sync-lyrics are nice touches (much better than my old MP3 player, which will remain nameless to save face for both the manufacturer and myself).

Two songs are included - "Auld Lang Syne" by Leo Sayer and "You're the best thing" by 911

To conserver power and get the most out of your batteries:

Exploring the interface more shows how feature packed the player is:

file system

There are several sub sections to areas which aren't shown for clarity.

Overall, it seems like good value for money.

Here is the icon that appears in the "My Computer" area:

removable disk icon

Here's what was on the memory to begin with:

directory screenshot

Here's how the device volume was defined

disk usagevolume properties

This shows the current consumption on the USB port

100mA current consumption

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