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Don't know the difference between Class I and Class II routers? See THIS

Key: Class I routers - Class I (Conexant) routers Class II routers - Class II (AR7RD/AR7WRD) routers Windows - Windows compatible Linux - Linux compatible


ADSL Speed Calculator Windows Linux

To give people a rough idea of the (maximum) ADSL speed achievable on their phone lines, I have created a quick speed calculator. Only the DS Margin is used as an indicator and this can vary quite a bit, so the speed the calculator returns is only going to be a best case scenario. In practice I have found that plugging in the average DS Margin over a week or so produced fairly accurate results.

Download here

Windows version

Download here

Linux version


RouterTech Emoticon Utility Windows Linux

To be used on the RouterTech.Org forum - makes it easier to choose from the emoticons available.
See the forum for more details.

Download here

Windows version

Download here

Linux version

Set 2 Pack
June 06 Pack

The are update packs (containing additional emoticons) that can be used by either utility.


RouterTech RSS Ticker Windows

An RSS ticker tool that will allow you to keep up-to-date on all the latest developments on the RouterTech.Org website

Download here

This tool is for Windows users only - you may need additional components installed (such as the Inet control, msinet.ocx)


Internet Connection Toggler Windows

This program can be used to toggle the Internet connection for a PC. For example if you wish to switch Internet access off during a particular time of day, then this program can be run once to disable all Internet communication, and then run again later to re-connect.

Download here

Version 1: Very simple program. Will require permission from your firewall to access the Internet (it will simply ping Google in order to determine if an Internet connection is currently available).


LAC Manager Windows

This software allows the user to view and remove all the 'Local Area Connections' (LACs) stored in the Registry. This can be useful as the number of LACs stored often increases when one tries to install network connections repeatedly.

Please be aware that removing one or more LACs may cause your system to become unreliable, therefore I advise you to use the backup function included in the program. However, the author does not take any responsibility for any problems that may result by LAC removal - use the program wisely and with caution.

Download here

Version 1.0.1: This version has the option to export the LAC table to the clipboard.


Network Adaptor Lister Windows

This software will list all the available Network adaptors installed on the PC on which it is run. This can be useful when troubleshooting.

Download here

Has the ability to copy the table to the clipboard to be posted on the forum.

Most of the above programs will require the VB Runtime Files installed on your system.

In addition, they use the following components

Router Diagnostic:
OLE Automation - STDOLE2.TLB
Microsoft Internet Controls - shdocvw.oca and shdocvw.dll
Microsoft HTML Object Library - MSHTML.TLB

Class I Router Backup Utility:
Microsoft Internet Controls - shdocvw.oca and shdocvw.dll
Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (MSCOMCTL.OCX)
Winsock control (MSWINSCK.OCX)

Router Rebooter:
OLE Automation - STDOLE2.TLB
Microsoft Internet Controls - shdocvw.oca and shdocvw.dll

If any of these components are not installed on your PC then the respective programs will fail to run correctly, so they will need to be downloaded and installed on your PC.


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