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This software is an extension to the Router Stats Keeper and it (latest version) has the following features:

  • Has the ability to monitor whether a certain IP address is pingable (e.g. this should be an IP a some website like www.google.com or similar to check the WAN connection). If the IP address does not respond to pings (logged as DOWN) then the utility will keep trying to ping the IP address until it responds (logged as UP).
  • Can record the router's Internet connection stats (upstream/downstream speeds, SNR etc) at regular intervals.
  • The utility can be set to reboot the router after X number of failed pings.
  • A range of router information (including connection stats, SNR, attenuation, ISP hardware type and signal strength over frequency graph) can be obtained which is summarised as a report.
  • Extended ping testing for WAN IPs.
  • Trace route for WAN IPs.
  • Exchange information including approximate distance from the exchange, maximum rates based on the distance, IP Profile etc.
  • Downstream power spectrum graphs for ADSL2.
  • Downstream SNR graphs for the three Bin channels.
  • Output to a CSV file with the full stats.
  • Output to a text file with more condensed stats.
  • Can capture the screen and save the image as a JPEG file.
  • Can tweak the SNR margin threshold and many other Net connection properties.
  • Bandwidth monitoring facility - able to record hourly, daily, weekly and monthly totals.

Previous version downloads: v1.0.17 = 441, v1.0.18 = 197, v1.0.21 = 184, v1.0.23 = 116, v1.0.24 = 190, v1.0.25 = 340, v1.0.26 = 539

Download v1.0.27

Release date: 5th October 2008. Winsock.ocx is no longer required. System log fetch and clear, visual tweaks.

Download v1.0.28

Release date: 28th October 2008. Ability to change where to start using the downstream bit allocation data.

Download v1.0.29

Release date: 26th September 2009. Option to name stats files based on the date and time.



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